Caught From Behind 6 (1986)

Caught From Behind 6
Put sleek and sexy Kari Foxx in charge of a weekend retreat on anal sex and you’ve got everything you’ve come to expect in Caught From Behind #6 and more! Nasty Keli Richards takes on Marc Wallace in a no holes barred shower scene that climaxes in a furious anal route. The prim proper and big busted Trinity Loren enjoys her anal pleasures backed up by the firm touch of Tom Byron. Tanya Fox devours Peter North before presenting her smooth, inviting behind to his aching desire. But Kari Foxx will amaze you as she enthusiastically gives in to the deep and satisfying pleasures of sensual anal erotica in Caught From Behind #6!!!


Kari Foxx (as Karri Foxx) [Anal]
Keli Richards (as Kelli Richards) [Anal Facial]
Rachel Ryan (as Penny Morgan) [Anal Facial]
Tanya Foxx [Anal]
Trinity Loren [Anal Facial]


Marc Wallice
Peter North
Tom Byron
Tom Jones
Troy Tannier (as Troy Tanier)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Kari Foxx, Troy Tannier
Scene 2. Keli Richards, Peter North
Scene 3. Trinity Loren, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Keli Richards, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Rachel Ryan, Tom Jones
Scene 6. Trinity Loren, Peter North, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Tanya Foxx, Peter North
Scene 8. Rachel Ryan, Marc Wallice
Scene 9. Kari Foxx, Troy Tannier



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