You Make Me Wet (1985)


Barbie Dahl [Facial]
Bunny Bleu (as Bunny Blue)
Christy Canyon (as Cristy Canyon) [Facial]
Janey Robbins [Bald]
Pamela Jennings (as Pam Jennings)
Je T’Aime (as Tracy Austin)


Dino Alexander
Greg Rome
Jeff Conrad
Ron Jeremy
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Bunny Bleu, Christy Canyon
Scene 2. Barbie Dahl, Bunny Bleu, Christy Canyon
Scene 3. Pamela Jennings, Jeff Conrad
Scene 4. Bunny Bleu
Scene 5. Barbie Dahl, Greg Rome
Scene 6. Je T’Aime, Greg Rome
Scene 7. Barbie Dahl, Janey Robbins
Scene 8. Janey Robbins, Dino Alexander
Scene 9. Christy Canyon, Ron Jeremy
Scene 10. Christy Canyon, Tom Byron
Scene 11. Barbie Dahl, Christy Canyon, Tom Byron

Love and jealousy make strange bedfellows. The fur flies and the juices run rampant when Maude and Tracy combine their fleshly pleasures in strange, unusual, and exciting ways — but that doesn’t stop them from venting their lustful desires with other girls and guys. The sensual flames burn brightly, exploding into an all out conflagration when the two girls get together with a mutual boyfriend to experience the ultimate fulfillment.


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