Chocolate Kisses (1986)

Directed by: Jack Remy

Chocolate Kisses Description: “A pair of streetwise hookers, (Jeannie Pepper and Purple Passion), help a struggling candy company cum out on top by using their unique talents and educated pussies to put the taste of Chocolate Kisses on everyone’s lips and leave them craving more of the sweet, sticky treat.”


Bunny Bleu (as Bunny Blue) [Facial]
Heather Wayne
Jeannie Pepper (as Jean Pepper) [IR]
Jennifer Noxt
Purple Passion [IR]


Buck Adams
Hershel Savage (as Herschel Savage)
Rick Savage
Ron Jeremy
Shone Taylor
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jeannie Pepper, Purple Passion, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Heather Wayne, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Jeannie Pepper, Purple Passion, Hershel Savage
Scene 4. Purple Passion, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Jeannie Pepper, Buck Adams, Shone Taylor
Scene 6. Bunny Bleu, Jennifer Noxt, Rick Savage




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  1. there is no part three, but there is some mistake if you want to extract need to edit extension on this files:
    first part you need to edit to:Chocolate-Kisses_1986.part1.rar and secont to :Chocolate-Kisses_1986.part2.rar and then extract..or if you want i will re-upload all movie?

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