Cugine viziose (1995)

aka: Hot Cousins

Actresses: Judith Ramirez (as Angie Larousse), Deborah Wells, Natalie Sallai, Simona Valli
Actors: Christopher Suss, Richard Langin, John Walton (as Zoltan Drago)

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Natalie Sallai, Simona Valli, John Walton
Scene 2. Deborah Wells, Richard Langin
Scene 3. Simona Valli
Scene 4. Deborah Wells, Simona Valli
Scene 5. Deborah Wells, Christopher Suss
Scene 6. Deborah Wells, Simona Valli, Christopher Suss, Richard Langin
Scene 7. Judith Ramirez, Richard Langin
Scene 8. Simona Valli, Richard Langin, Unknown Male

Story: Italian superstars Deborah Wells and Simona Valli in classic italian porno movie from middle of 90 years of last century. Hot plot, natural girls, hot movie for true collectors of porn!



One thought on “Cugine viziose (1995)”

  1. Hello! If it’s not too much trouble, may I request that you please specify if a movie is dubbed or if it has it’s genuine audio when you post the information about any given title? This is a classic movie as the story line says, but the audio is Italian dubbed. I assumed this copy had genuine Italian audio. Is there an alternate version of this film with the original audio? I’m assuming Hot Cousins would be English dubbed, if I’m not mistaken. I apologize if I seem picky! I prefer collecting original titles with the genuine audio, as apposed to alternate audio dubbed titles. Anyways, I hope that you take my request into consideration and provide this information also in your posts. All that being said, a version with the audio dubbed is better than no copy at all!
    Thank you for your posts!

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