Debbie Goes To College (1986)

Also Known As
Debbie and the Lustful Coeds

Director Bob Vosse

Cast : Barbara Dare [Facial], Lili Marlene, Little Oral Annie [Facial], Lois Ayres, Mauvais DeNoir, Melissa Melendez, Billy Dee, Hershel Savage, Jerry Butler, Jon Martin, Marc Wallice, Mike Horner [NonSex], Shone Taylor

Scene 1. Barbara Dare, Hershel Savage, Lois Ayres
Scene 2. Barbara Dare, Jerry Butler, Jon Martin
Scene 3. Little Oral Annie, Shone Taylor
Scene 4. Lois Ayres, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Little Oral Annie, Marc Wallice
Scene 6. Barbara Dare, Lois Ayres
Scene 7. Billy Dee, Mauvais DeNoir, Melissa Melendez
Scene 8. Headless Guy, Lili Marlene
Scene 9. Barbara Dare, Headless Guy

Language: English

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