Blue Ecstasy (1980)

BLUE ECSTASY is an unusual film that explores with candor the sexual conflict acted out by dual personalities inhabiting the single body of a young woman. Veronica has an unusual companion – Ronnie who is the exact opposite of Veronica. Her friend Niki is a fun loving person and cannot at all understand Veronica`s prudishness. At Niki`s suggestion, she and Veronica go shopping for some new, sexy clothes for Veronica`s changing personality – which becomes the catalyst for a film revealing many layers of sexual denial and redemption.


Candida Royalle [Facial]
Christine DeShaffer
Lesllie Bovee (as Leslie Bovee) [Facial]
Samantha Fox [Facial]
Veri Knotty


Alan Adrian
Bobby Astyr
Eric Edwards
George Payne
Jamie Gillis
Michael Gaunt (as Michael Martin)
R. Bolla

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lesllie Bovee
Scene 2. Lesllie Bovee, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Samantha Fox
Scene 4. Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr
Scene 5. Lesllie Bovee, Alan Adrian
Scene 6. Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis
Scene 7. Candida Royalle, R. Bolla
Scene 8. Samantha Fox, Veri Knotty, Bobby Astyr, Michael Gaunt
Scene 9. Lesllie Bovee, Samantha Fox, Veri Knotty, Bobby Astyr, Jamie Gillis, Michael Gaunt
Scene 10. Lesllie Bovee, Samantha Fox
Scene 11. Christine DeShaffer, Alan Adrian, George Payne, Jamie Gillis
Scene 12. Lesllie Bovee, Jamie Gillis
Scene 13. Candida Royalle, Jamie Gillis



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