Deep Rub (1979)

Year: 1979
Country: United States
Genre: Classical
Length: 1:22:40

Directed by: Leonard Kirtman

Starring: Desiree Cousteau, Annette Haven, John Holmes, Paul Thomas, Serena, Sharon Kane, John Seeman, Larry Fredrick, Hal Stevens, Bob Lance, Milton Ingley, Jesse Adams, Frank Mateo

What happens when a beautiful young girl comes to the big city to begin her career?
Deep Rub takes Carla (Desiree Cousteau) on a joyful rompas an unusual masseuse. She dons many costumes to please and tantalize her customers! Her first costume is that of a fisherman and she is joined with the forces of lovely Serena and Sharon Kane to bring a whole crew to complete satisfaction! As a Chinese girl, Carla takes on two tourists to create one of the hottest scenes ever filmed. When Carla meets the lovely Annette Haven, we see captured on film one of the most beautiful, sensitive love scenes to be enacted between two women!
Deep Rub is total satisfaction guaranteed!

* Scene 1. Desiree Cousteau, Paul Thomas
* Scene 2. Desiree Cousteau, Paul Thomas, Serena
* Scene 3. Aaron Stuart, Sharon Kane, Desiree Cousteau, Jesse Adams, John Holmes, Serena, Spencer Davis
* Scene 4. Desiree Cousteau, Mike Horner, Milton Ingley
* Scene 5. Desiree Cousteau, Annette Haven, Paul Thomas
* Scene 6. Desiree Cousteau, John Seeman
* Scene 7. Desiree Cousteau, guy




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