Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1978)

Also Known As:
Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (USA)
Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls, We Deliver
Pizza Girls

Candida Royalle
Christine DeShaffer (as Christine de Shaffer)
Desiree Cousteau (as Deseree Cousteau)
Laurien Dominique (as Laurien Dominque)
Vicky Lindsay

Carl Regal
John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
John Seeman
Richard Pacheco (as Mack Howard)
Paul Thomas
Spender Travis (as Spence Davis)

Scene 1. Desiree Cousteau, John Holmes
Scene 2. Candida Royalle, Richard Pacheco
Scene 3. Laurien Dominique, Paul Thomas, Spender Travis
Scene 4. Desiree Cousteau, Carl Regal
Scene 5. Vicky Lindsay
Scene 6. Christine DeShaffer, Vicky Lindsay
Scene 7. Candida Royalle, Christine DeShaffer, John Holmes
Scene 8. Desiree Cousteau, John Seeman
Scene 9. Christine DeShaffer, Paul Thomas
Scene 10. Christine DeShaffer, Vicky Lindsay

This is a comic look at the fast food business and rates one of the best films ever. John Holmes operates a pizza delivery service that adds very special toppings provided by the delivery girls – Desiree, Candida, Chris and Laurien. But Paul Thomas and the fried chicken people enlist the aid of the infamous San Francisco Night Chicken to drive the pizza operation out of business. The sex scenes are exceptionally ludicrous in the very entertaining adult movie.

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