Die Samenrauberinnen (1980)


* Anne Schmall
* Christine Krenner
* Christine Neona
* Doris Breken
* Heide Britt
* XNK2396

Males –

* Mario Pollack
* Josef Moosholzer ?
* Sepp Gneissl

Helga is a perfect secretary. Although engaged, she accepts her boss’s advances provided he rapes her. When a maid and the nightwatchman come along, they play a foursome. Mrs Fritz, the boss’s wife gets a glimpse of the situation and locks herself in with the nightwatchman for some fun of her own. The husband watches them through the keyhole and gets a spurt in his eye (Kolosalle Pi kanterie, I guess!). After being sacked, Helga finds a job as a waitress in a café and has fun with bowling players both male and female. A very boring movie although the main role was played by a very convincing actress.




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