Die Samenrauberinnen (1980)


Alternate Titles
Adolescente libertine – France, 1981, 70 minutes
Alley Girls
Josefine, paradiso erotico – Italy, fake credits
Ladrona de semen – Spain
Régale-moi comme une brute – France, Fil à film, VHS
Die Samen-Räuberinnen – onscreen title
Ta Mej På Kägelbanan


Christine Krenner plays Katja
Christine Neona plays a cleaning lady
Fatima [5] plays Sepp Gneissl’s secretary in the first half, and a waitress in the second
Helga Nicolli as?, plays Veronika
Soraya Athigi plays Ilona
XNK5686 plays Sepp Gneissl’s wife
XNK5688 plays Sylvi

Males include

Sepp Gneißl as Sepp Gneissl plays Herr Fritz
Mario Pollak, uncredited, plays the nightwatchman
Rolf Ernser, uncredited, plays a patron
Günther Amann, uncredited, plays a patron
Josef Moosholzer ?

Language: German



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