Confessioni Erotiche (1984)


Confessioni Erotiche

Bert Haid
Bert Haid (writer)

Cast (Credited cast)
Jürgen Bigalkes … Trinker
Dorle Buchner … Annabella
Siggi Buchner … Michael Coburn
Alban Ceray … Alexander Hohenberg
Ursula Gaussmann … Marianne
Gerhard Hartig … Hotelportier (as Gerd Hartig)
Christine Schwarz … Susanne
Herbert Warnke … Wirt
Rolf Zigan … Rolf

The hard core Italian version of a French-German film. It tells the tales of three girls from Hamburg who become ‘porn stars’. Ravishing brunette Dorle Buchner, after toying with a young motorcyclist, gets involved with a strip club owner and marries him. Ursula Gausmann seems to ‘work’ in the same club and gets a client to marry her. They stop the car on their way to the honeymoon. She drags him into a barn and he unwittingly becomes a porn star himself. Christine Black is a glamour model who gets invited to cure the impotence of rich man Alban Ceray. Stars Dorle Buchner (Wild Playgirls),, Ursula Gausmann (Sweet Sexy Slips), Christine Black, Siggi Buchner, & Alban Ceray.





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