F… and Lots of It (1980)

Also Known As
Dream Girl
Dream Girl Of F
F… And Lots Of It

Aki Wang [Facial]
Annette Haven
Becky Savage (as Becke Bitter) [Facial]
Chris Anderson
Geraldine Gold
Kandi Barbour [Facial]
Cassie Wells (as Kassy) [MastOnly]
Laurie Smith (as Laura Smith)
Holly Joy (as Mary Darling)
Terri Dolan (as Niki Stevens) [Facial]
Piper Smith [Facial]
Rhonda Jo Petty
Seka [BJOnly Facial]

John Leslie (as John Lesley)
Ray Wells (as Ray Welles)

NonSex Performers
Little Oral Annie (as Andrea Parducci)
Ingrid Jennings
Edward Hazzard
Georgie Vegas (as Georgie Little)
Pepe Peru

Cassie Wells plays the blond doll.
Pepe Peru plays the toy soldier.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Kandi Barbour, Cassie Wells, Terri Dolan, John Leslie
Scene 2. Chris Anderson, Rhonda Jo Petty, Seka, John Leslie
Scene 3. Geraldine Gold, John Leslie
Scene 4. Aki Wang, Holly Joy, Piper Smith, John Leslie, Ray Wells
Scene 5. Becky Savage, John Leslie
Scene 6. Laurie Smith, Ray Wells
Scene 7. Annette Haven, John Leslie

Language: English

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