Fashion Fantasies (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: USA
Genre: Feature / Classic
Length: 1:22:54

Director: Ron Dorfman / Art Ben

It’s only a dress — but when women put it on, even the most plain Jane is transformed into a voluptuous sex goddess. Clare, a nubile clothes collector, tries on the garment and gets some help taking it off from her horny “handyman.” When she sells it to a used clothing store, the female owners try it on for size — both of them, at the same time, in a lusty lesbian coupling. A well-hung shopper interrupts and is introduced to their unique “layaway” plan. Before long, the dress livens up the kinky affairs of a rich vixen, and ultimately becomes the star attraction at a hot yuppie orgy.


* Charlie Latour
* Danielle
* Lauren Stewart [BJOnly]
* Lili Marlene
* Nina Hartley
* Paula Meadows [Facial]
* Sharon Kane
* Taija Rae


* Alan Adrian
* David Morris
* Eric Monti
* George Payne
* Scott St. James (as Mic Igan)
* Michael Gaunt
* Paul Thomas
* Robert Bullock

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Alan Adrian, Lili Marlene
* Scene 2. Danielle, Robert Bullock
* Scene 3. Paul Thomas, Taija Rae
* Scene 4. Sharon Kane, George Payne
* Scene 5. Nina Hartley, Michael Gaunt, Paula Meadows
* Scene 6. Charlie Latour, David Morris
* Scene 7. Eric Monti, Nina Hartley, Lauren Stewart, Lili Marlene, Paula Meadows, Scott St. James



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