Finishing School (1973)

Cast (Credited cast)
Chris Cooper
Jamal Davis
Robin Gagneur
Lynda Grasser
Mimi Morgan
James Rogers
Joey Silvera … David Peters (as Neil Long)
Margaret Silverman
Margo St. Mann
Henry Wills
Larry Witers

Okay class, open your schoolbooks. Today’s lesson? Reading, writing and reaming. The girl’s in Miss Penbrook’s class are learning more than their A-B-C’s in Finishing School. Satisfying your husband is “the most important lesson of being a wife.” She demonstrates how with Mr. Johnson, a donkey-dicked idiot with plastic-looking hair. Miss Penbrook takes his huge joystick and stuffs it down her esophagus like it’s a cocktail frank. (Sexual education was never like this in my high school!)
While Mr. J is jamming his salami up her crease she says matter-of-factly, “It will be his preference to blast inside your cunt or in, on occasion, your mouth. You must oblige him because it’s your duty.” Kee-rist! Feminists should be loading their guns and sharpening their knives right about now.
The message taught at this school is: Hey girls! Just lay back and grab your ankles! Finishing School is offensive and vile. I loved every minute of it.



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