Black Silk Stockings (1978)

Cast: Annette Haven, Linda Wong, Virginia Winter, Desiree West, Monica Wells, Sharon Vallon, Verna Smith, Alice Biatti, Debbie Wilson, John Holmes, John Leslie, Joey Silvera

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Desiree West, John Holmes
  • Scene 2. Annette Haven, John Holmes
  • Scene 3. Virginia Winter, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 4. Alice Biatti, Debbie Wilson, Sharon Vallon, Verna Smith, John Holmes
  • Scene 5. Annette Haven, Linda Wong, John Leslie


  • The movie is a loop carrier spliced together by a female narrator.
  • Scene 1 is Swedish Erotica Film 080 (1978).
  • Scene 2 is Danish Films 1010 (1978).
  • Scene 3 is Danish Films 1011 (1978).
  • Scene 4 is Color Climax Film 1327: Anatomy Lesson (1976).
  • Scene 5 is Danish Films 1009 (1978).
  • Alice Biatti, Debbie Wilson, Sharon Vallon, and Verna Smith are made-up names of the European performers.
  • Angela Carnon is the narrator/host of this film.

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