Fireworks (1981)


Released: 1981
Director: Alan Vydra
Notes: Germany/USA


* Anna Veruska plays die Diebin (“the thief”)
* Carolyn Grace plays the daughter of der Chef (“the boss’s daughter”)
* Christine Black uncredited, in the girls’ college party
* Nadine Roussial as Nadine Russell plays the nympho
* many unknowns, listed at Egafd

Scene 1 Anna Veruska and 2 guys
Scene 2 mousey light-brown haired gal and curly-blonde mustached bodybuilder
Scene 3 aggressive frizzy brunette and shy straight-haired blonde guy
Scene 4 Carolyn Grace and bearded blonde guy
Scene 5 Christine Black and many unknowns in oily orgy
Scene 6 Nadine Roussial and 4 guys, joined later by entire fire brigade



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