Kasimir der Kuckucksleber (1977)

Released: 1977
Director: Hans Billian
Notes: DVD Herzog, produced by Gunter Otto

Alternate Titles
Casimiro el erotico alguacil Spain
De Erotische Capriolen van een deurwaarder Dutch video title, Porno for Pleasure 614, 69 mins
Marito tuttofare Italy, title stolen from the Italian release of the softcore film Ein echter Hausfrauenfreund
Marito tuttofare Casimiro

Angelika Reschner uncredited, plays the judge’s clerk
Anita Andic plays the judge
Ginny Noack plays Sigrid, the blonde ‘lesbian’
Jane Iwanoff plays Rita
Patricia Rhomberg plays Larissa Holm
Sylvia Brand the brunette lesbian
XNK0584 plays Frau Ursula Berger (possibly Becker)
XNK0585 plays Kasimir’s wife
XNK0589 the maid at the auction-orgy, non-sex
XNK0592 late arrival in courtroom

Males –

Sepp Gneissl plays Kasimir Zwickelhuber
Karl-Heinz Thomas plays Herr Berger (or Becker)
Mike Lederer plays one of the lawyers
Hans Billian plays a passer-by on the stairs at Frau Buchner’s
Larissa’s plumber
husband of slim blonde
males at auction/orgy (including Frithjof Clausen, if that name is correct)
the older male clerk
the younger male clerk
counsel and spectators




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