French Teen (1977)

French Teen is his erotic masterwork. Based on the true story of a French nymphet portrayed by the exciting sex bomb, Jacqueline Bardoit, it will take you on a pleasure cruise to the exotic world of the true sexual abandonment and you will learn why the French are called the world’s greatest lovers!

Director: J. Angel Martine


* Jacqueline Bardot
* Paula Morton
* Sharon Mitchell
* Susaye London

* Bobby Astyr
* David Christopher
* Pepe Valentine

Scenes Breakdown:

* Scene 1. guy, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 2. guy, Susaye London
* Scene 3. Bobby Astyr, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 4. guy, Susaye London
* Scene 5. David Christopher, Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London
* Scene 6. Bobby Astyr, guy, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 7. David Christopher, Susaye London
* Scene 8. brun, guy
* Scene 9. brun, guy
* Scene 10. David Christopher, Paula Morton





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