Dirty Mind Of Young Sally (1970)

Year: 1970
Genre: Comedies, Adult Audience, Erotic, Non-Explicit, Sex, Exploitation
Cast: Sharon Kelly, Angela Carnon, Robyn Whitting, Penny Boran, Sandy Dempsey, Margie Lane, Nancy Martin
Directed by: Harry Novak

Description: Double Feature. Ain’t she naughty! Bodacious red-head Sharon Kelly (Sassy Sue) is “Dirty Sally,” DJ of her own private radio-station-on-wheels, KLUV! Broadcasting from the back of a van careening across the countryside with the police in hot … Full Descriptionpursuit, Sally “beams sexy music with love.” Sharing her thoughts with the world three times a day, The Dirty Mind of Young Sally is such a turn-on to her viewers that the authorities want to shut her down. But they’ll have to catch her first. Lard-bellied loser Charlie Elkins is not happy with Sandy, his adorable Teenage Bride. Instead, he spends his nights with naked neighbor Marie – Sharon Kelly again! The Something Weird Video label plunders their seemingly limitless B-Movie archives for this double-feature, including: THE DIRTY MIND OF YOUNG SALLY – A sultry DJ named “Dirty Sally” (Sharon Kelly) parades around the country offering her erotic thoughts from a radio station transmitting out of her van! The police are in hot pursuit though, but when they catch up with her she manages to seduce a copper on air, causing mayhem, laughs and a lot of trashy fun in this low budget sex romp. TEENAGE BRIDE – Sharon Kelly stars again, and this time out she’s managed to persuade her neighbor to ditch his teenage bride and get it on with her instead! The bride of the title is no saint however, and she soon starts an illicit affair of her own, adding up to trouble, laughs, and some naughty nudie fun!




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