Erotic Dr. Jeckyll (1976)


Amazing Dr. Jekyll (1975)
Also Known As
Erotic Dr. Jeckyll (Alpha Blue Archives boxcover title)
The Erotic Dr. Jekyll (DVD boxcover title)

Victor Milt

Release Date:
September 1976 (USA)

Cast (Complete credited cast)
Bree Anthony … Contest Winner/Virgin girl
Bobby Astyr … Igor
Zebedy Colt … The Count
Nancy Dare … Third Contestant
Terri Hall … Groupie/Others
C.J. Laing … Linda
J.P. Paradine … Dick Gravett
Shirley Peters … Miss Kentucky/Virgin girl
Harry Reems … Dr. Charles Jekyll III/Rory Hump
Renee Sanz … Rich Lady

  • Scene 1. C.J. Laing, Harry Reems
  • Scene 2. Elvira, Candy Love, Bobby Astyr, Harry Reems
  • Scene 3. Terri Hall, Harry Reems
  • Scene 4. Melva Jackson, Harry Reems
  • Scene 5. Shirley Peters, Harry Reems
  • Scene 6. Nancy Dare, Bobby Astyr
  • Scene 7. Terri Hall, Bobby Astyr
  • Scene 8. Melva Jackson, Harry Reems
  • Scene 9. Bree Anthony, Bobby Astyr
  • Scene 10. Terri Hall, Melva Jackson, Bree Anthony, Shirley Peters, Nancy Dare, Harry Reems
  • Scene 11. Renée Duval, Ecrea Mason




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