From Holly With Love (1978)

Also Known As
All My Lovers
Hollies Sex Drive
Holly’s Sex Drive


Crystal Sync [Facial]
Bethanna (as JoAnna Miquel)
Marlene Willoughby
Patty Boyd (as Patti Sebring)


Carter Stevens
Jeffrey Hurst
Michael Gaunt
R. Bolla
Tony Perez [BJOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Bethanna, Carter Stevens
  • Scene 2. Crystal Sync, R. Bolla
  • Scene 3. Bethanna
  • Scene 4. Crystal Sync, R. Bolla
  • Scene 5. Marlene Willoughby, R. Bolla
  • Scene 6. Bethanna
  • Scene 7. Bethanna, Tony Perez
  • Scene 8. Crystal Sync, guy
  • Scene 9. Crystal Sync, Jeffrey Hurst
  • Scene 10. Patty Boyd, Michael Gaunt
  • Scene 11. Bethanna, Michael Gaunt



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