From Holly With Love (1978)

Summertime at the beach. It’s the place where a guy can get more than an eyeful of tanned and curvaceous bodies, barely covered by the teeniest of string bikinis. When young and innocent Holly makes her beach debut, the temperatures really start to rise. This nubile virgin is looking to lose it, and she has no problem in finding plenty of virile studs to accomodate her wanton desires. Come along with Holly for one of the wettest and wildest beach romps ever filmed, From Holly With Love.


Crystal Sync [Facial]
Bethanna (as JoAnna Miquel)
Marlene Willoughby
Patty Boyd (as Patti Sebring)


Carter Stevens
Jeffrey Hurst
Michael Gaunt
R. Bolla
Tony Perez [BJOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Bethanna, Carter Stevens
Scene 2. Crystal Sync, R. Bolla
Scene 3. Bethanna
Scene 4. Crystal Sync, R. Bolla
Scene 5. Marlene Willoughby, R. Bolla
Scene 6. Bethanna
Scene 7. Bethanna, Tony Perez
Scene 8. Crystal Sync, guy
Scene 9. Crystal Sync, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 10. Patty Boyd, Michael Gaunt
Scene 11. Bethanna, R. Bolla
Scene 12. Bethanna, Michael Gaunt





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