Sweet Punkin I Love You (1976)

Punkin Peal is a hillbilly porno actress who has lost her job because she couldn’t ingest the hug dick of John Holmes! All kinds of zany acts ensue including Punkin finally deep-throating Holmes’ 14-inch cock!


C.J. Laing [Anal Facial DP]
Crystal Sync [BJOnly]
Jennifer Jordan [BJOnly]
Marlene Willoughby
Lorraine Alraune (as Sarah Vache)


David Davidson (as David Dixon) [NonSex]
Eric Edwards
Jeffrey Hurst (as Jeffrey Hyrst)
John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
Tony Perez
Marlow Ferguson (as Tootsie Robysto) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jennifer Jordan, John Holmes
Scene 2. Crystal Sync, Tony Perez
Scene 3. C.J. Laing, guy
Scene 4. C.J. Laing, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 5. Lorraine Alraune, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 6. Crystal Sync, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 7. C.J. Laing, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Marlene Willoughby, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 9. C.J. Laing
Scene 10. C.J. Laing, Crystal Sync, Jennifer Jordan, Lorraine Alraune, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes, others, Tony Perez
Scene 11. C.J. Laing, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes, Tony Perez





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