Gemelline in calore (1976)


Alternate Titles

* Gemelline in Calore (Italy)
* Ikzal je pakken (CNR Video, Holland)
* Les Weekends d’un couple pervers (Alpha Video & Blue One DVD, France)
* Introductions


* Catherine Castel
* Chantal Nora plays Beatrice
* Danièle Nègre plays the blonde Swedish hitchhiker
* Emmanuelle Parèze plays Anne
* Eva Khris
* Françoise Maillot girl on screen with Charlie Schreiner in film within film?
* Marie-Pierre Castel
* Martine Grimaud, brief office scene (non-sex)
* XNK1497 first girl in woods
* XNK1499 non-sex, girl in deckchair at the end

Males include

* Jacques Insermini plays Michel (Mitch in American version)
* Charlie Schreiner on screen in film within film

Italian Language

In French or dubbed English, your choice (two audio tracks)
– better video quality


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