Group Therapy (1992)

The happy hippies of the sixties raised our conciousness, taught us to turn on and to be real groovy, but to be really hip you had to be part of the group scene. Hot threeways and full-blown orgies were the places to blow your mind and your wad. Enjoy the show with a couple of friends while you bring back those lust-filled memories!

Eduardo Dinero

Brigitte Aime
Domonique Simone
Gayle Michelle [Facial]
Leanna Foxxx [Facial]
Melanie Moore
Nina Hartley

Jonathan Morgan
Kris Newz
Paul Coxxx
Peter North
Randy West
Tom Elliot

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Leanna Foxxx, Peter North
Scene 2. Brigitte Aime, Melanie Moore
Scene 3. Gayle Michelle, Nina Hartley, Tom Elliot
Scene 4. Domonique Simone, Randy West
Scene 5. Melanie Moore, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 6. Brigitte Aime, Peter North
Scene 7. Domonique Simone, Randy West
Scene 8. Leanna Foxxx, Nina Hartley
Scene 9. Gayle Michelle, Tom Elliot
Scene 10. Gayle Michelle, Randy West
Scene 11. Domonique Simone, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 12. Melanie Moore, Tom Elliot
Scene 13. Nina Hartley, Kris Newz
Scene 14. Brigitte Aime, Leanna Foxxx, Peter North
Scene 15. Gayle Michelle, Peter North




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