Grind (1988)

After three years in a marriage where the missionary position is the dominant position and cock sucking is out of the question, Mike Horner seeks to liberate his sexually inhibited wife, Shanna Mccullough. He takes her to a live sex show where she becomes the target of a sex crazed blonde who scares her out of the building. But just when he thinks all his lost, his wife begins to open up, and when she does, he finds the lurid nympho he has always wanted.


Ashley Welles (as Brooke West)
Gail Sterling [Facial Swallow]
Krista Lane
Nikki Knight
Shanna McCullough


Billy Dee
Jon Martin
Mike Horner

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Krista Lane, Jon Martin, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Ashley Welles, Gail Sterling, Billy Dee
Scene 3. Krista Lane, Shanna McCullough
Scene 4. Gail Sterling, Shanna McCullough, Billy Dee, Jon Martin
Scene 5. Krista Lane, Mike Horner
Scene 6. Nikki Knight, Jon Martin
Scene 7. Krista Lane, Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner



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