Here Comes The Bride (1978)


Also Known As
Prurito Di Sposa (Italian title)


Clea Carson
Heather Young (as Colleen Anderson)
Erica Havens (as Karen Havens) [BJOnly]
Paula Morton [Facial]
Samantha Fox [Facial]
Vee Summers [BJOnly]


Ben Pierce (as Benton Pierce) [MastOnly]
David Christopher
David Morris
Joey Silvera (as Joey Civera)
Mike DeMarco
Richard Stevens
Roger Caine

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Samantha Fox, David Morris
Scene 2. Samantha Fox, David Christopher, Roger Caine
Scene 3. Erica Havens, Richard Stevens
Scene 4. David Morris
Scene 5. Samantha Fox, Joey Silvera
Scene 6. Paula Morton, David Christopher
Scene 7. Erica Havens, Samantha Fox
Scene 8. Clea Carson, Roger Caine
Scene 9. Heather Young, Joey Silvera
Scene 10. Vee Summers, Mike DeMarco
Scene 11. Clea Carson, Samantha Fox
Scene 12. Samantha Fox, Ben Pierce
Scene 13. Samantha Fox, David Morris
Scene 14. Ben Pierce

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