I Love Sex (1977)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1977
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Helen Madigan

Description: I Love Sex! I do! I do! And so do the folks in this highly educational co-feature in which a professor stands in front of various diagrams and lectures us on the difference between Personal Sex and Impersonal Sex. While he takes great pains to draw the distinction, we are shown graphic examples of each and, honestly, the Deviate couldn’t tell the difference.
Randolph and Delia, an exquisite blonde with a face off a cameo brooch and the boobs of Venus di Milo, fuck on the floor, then drink some milk and “keep on keepin’ on!” David and June, a black mama with close-cropped hair and healthy hooters, fuck without drinking milk.
Helen Madigan fucks a couple of guys in succession while “conversational proclivities are entirely dispensed with.” This is a good thing since the cast, without a script, seem entirely lost until a dick slips into a mouth and renders “conversational proclivities” pretty much moot. As to which brand of fucking was either the Personal or Impersonal, your guess is as good as the Deviate’s, but the best guess is that you won’t care either way.




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