Il Diario Segreto Di Gianburrasca 2 (1999)


Starring: Anita Blond, Nicola Iacono, Elisa Ferrante, Natalie Washington, Ganci Romero, Sandy Daniels, Vivien Morillo, Holly Fander, Mirtyl Sovek, Pody Mavell, Monica Abrams, Franco D’Alessi, Joe Calzone, Robert Malone, Francesco Malcom, Valentino, Ron Jeremy, Maurizio De Vita.

From the looks of this family you would think they were innocent and don’t preach sexual acts, however everyone has to get laid sometime! Watch this Italian family meet new and interesting friends to open up their sexuality that has been hidden. Once someone in the family realizes one of their family members are getting royally fucked, then they have no choice but to accomplish the same feat. This is the 2nd episode of the series.



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