Tribute To Selen 2 (1995)

Director: Mario Salieri

Stars: Selen, Steven St. Croix, David Perry, Don Fernando, Valentino, Anita Dark, Dalila, Jolth Walton, Nathalie Romel, Giongy Fador, Masha Mey, Paulina Morris, Daniela Verri, Emanuela Vittori, Sandrine Bognac, Murielle Benson, Annette Jordan

The beautiful Selen. Is it those perky tits? Is it her gorgeous face? Is it her perfect ass? Is it her tight pussy? It is all the above! Watch scene after scene of her best hardcore action. Taken from various movies throughout her career, it is not hard to understand why she became the porn superstar she did. 8 episodi con famose attrici e attori tra cui troveremo Selen, Dalila, Anita Dark e altre signorine che si faranno scopare da professionisti del settore







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