Jeux de corps (1981)


Released: 1981
Director: Alain Payet (probably) as Jim Douglas
Notes: Comex, Paris, 1 hr 20 mins

Alternate Titles
Geile Körperspiele – Sexhochzeit im Narrenkäfig Herzog
Impulsi Dir. given as J. J. Renon Italy, EVA (Erotic Video Art production)
Jeux de corps pour petites filles curieuses
Wollust ohne Feigenblatt Germany, Kessler VHS

Elisabeth Buré plays Ginette, the servant
Elodie Delage plays Mme Lyotard, a social assistant
Marie-Claude Moreau plays Barbara, the African girlfirend of Edouard
Mika Barthel plays Lynn, a friend of Edouard
Sandrine Pernelle plays Ghislaine, the European girlfriend of Edouard
XNK2298 plays Edouard’s mother

Males –

Jacques Marbeuf plays the father, non-sex
Carmelo Petix plays the priest, non-sex
Piotr Stanislas plays Edouard, the son
Dominique Saint-Clair (Gil Lagardère) plays Etienne, a friend of Edouard
Cyril Val plays a ‘Zen’ friend of Edouard
Manu Pluton plays Muna, the ‘secret’ African son of Edouard’s father



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