Bordellet (1972)


Alternate Titles
The Best Bit of Crumpet in Denmark
Bordellet – En glædespiges erindringer
En Glædespiges erindringer
I Glädjens Tecken
I gledens tegn

Conny Nielsen plays Leonora
Ilse Petersen plays Jensigne
Ingerlise Gaarde plays Bordelmutter Anna (Bordelmor), non-sex
Jette Koplev plays the girl who picks up the golden coin
Jytte Petersen plays Charlotte, fruit-eating girl in Roman orgy scene
Leni Kjellander plays the girl who beds Lonny Feddersen, and who dances with the candle
Lisbeth Olsen plays Sophie
Lonny Feddersen plays Lena, body double for hard core close-ups, voiceover by Annie Birgit Garde as narrator in the original version
Marianne Feldsted plays Marguerite
Marianne Nilsson plays Amalie
Ulla Bjergskov plays Elisabeth
XNK0763 Hessel version only
XNK0765 Hessel version only
XNK0769 plays Olga
XNK0777 plays Johanne, Charlotte’s Roman orgy friend
XNK0778 almost certainly Jyttte Petersen


Bent Rohweder plays the baker, having it away with Marguerite and Olga
Keld Rex Holm plays the barber, having it away with Amalie
Gotha Andersen plays one of the policemen

Language: Danish,  optional English subs

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English subs


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