Lea: corri, prendimi, vienimi dietro (1981)


Alternate Titles
• Corri, seguimi, vienimi dietro
• Douce pénétation anale pour gamines à sodomiser Dir. credited to Reine Pirau French theatrical release
• Lea: corri prendimi vienimi dietro
• Perversions très spéciales pour jeunes filles de bonne famille re-edited version of about 55 mins released as a video for specially equipped movie theatres
• Porte-jarretelles et bas de soie noire

• Catherine Ringer plays the au pair girl
• Laura Levi plays Stefania the wife
• Mara Bronzoni
• Marina Hedman plays Krista, Karl’s wife
• Nadine Roussial plays Lea the maid
• Zaira Zoccheddu

• Brunello Chiodetti plays the husband
• Erminio Bianchi plays Karl, the industrialist
• Alfonso Gaita plays the garage mechanic
• Giuseppe Curia plays Lea’s lover

Language: Italian ( Length: 01:25:00)

Language: French ( Length: 01:32:00)

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