Les Belles dames du temps jadis (1976)


Year: 1976
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 1:14:10

Directed by: Torben Bille

Starring: Sigrid Horne Rasmussen, Kate Mundt, Lone Helmer, Susan Breuning, Mette von Kohl, Ingrid Langballe

Description: Les Belles Dames du Temps Jadis / Foire Aux Sexes / Leçons de Carolla
Three Danish classics produced between 1975 and 1977 on one disc. A must-buy for fans of good old film grain, lush beaver pelts and nudie musical sequences. A trio of exemplary Scandinavian smut movies: BELLES DAMES DU TEMPS JADIS is an aristocratic costume drama, LA FOIRE … drops the viewer in the ring of an orgasmic circus show, and LES LECONS … is another retro-effort with lots of costumes, frivolous dancing, wholesome fucking and an auto-fellatio stunt that would put Ron Jeremy to shame! Expect some mild anal shenanigans as well.




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