Les Enfilees (1979)

(Les Soirees d’un couple voyeur) (1979)

Alternate Titles

* Evenings of a Voyeur Couple USA
* Filmaciones secretas
* Hemmungslos Haut auf Haut West Germany, UVG
* Les Matinées d’un couple voyeur
* Sex annonces title of Dutch release
* Sexexperiment
* Les Soirées d’un couple voyeur title of video release and later DVD release
* Super Penetration Love DVD available Shendene DVD with Perverse College Girls
* Voluttá … intime di mogli insaziabili


* Brigitte Lahaie (in a black wig) plays the woman on the revolving bed (La femme au lit tournant)
* Brigitte Verbecq as Melody Bird, plays the woman in the bathroom (La femme de la salle de bain)
* Morgane plays the wife (La femme)
* Valérie Martin’s as Veronika, plays the dumb woman (La femme muette)

Males –

* Alban Ceray plays the husband (Le mari)
* Rocky plays the virgin (Le puceau)
* Jacques Gatteau, as Yvan Renaud, plays Yves
* Dominique Aveline plays the man with white gloves (L’homme aux gants blancs)
* Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan, plays the man in the last encounter (La dernière rencontre)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Morgane, Alban Ceray
Scene 2. Morgane, Rocky
Scene 3. Morgane, Dominique Aveline
Scene 4. Morgane, Alban Ceray
Scene 5. Brigitte Verbecq, Alban Ceray
Scene 6. Brigitte Lahaie, Morgane [revolving bed]
Scene 7. Valerie Martin’s, Alban Ceray
Scene 8. Valerie Martin’s, Alban Ceray, Jacques Gatteau [in drag]
Scene 9. Morgane, Alban Ceray, Rocky [dream sequence]
Scene 10. Brigitte Lahaie, Morgane, Alban Ceray
Scene 11. Brigitte Lahaie, Morgane, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 12. Brigitte Lahaie, Morgane, Alban Ceray, Rocky

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