Parties Fines (1977) DVD


Released: 1977
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Directed by: Gérard Kikoïne
Issued: Alpha France
Duration: 14 mins 1 hour

The names of other publications:
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* Die lüsternen 20er Dir. given as P. Lebien West Germany, Beate Uhse
* Die lüsternen 20er Jahre DVD available Tabu
* Memorie di una baronessa Italy
* Pleasure Parties

Plot: Alice the maid turns the tables on her employer Solange. While the baron is out indulging himself by changing places with his chauffeur (who picks up a hitch-hiker and fucks her in the back of the Rolls) and being dominated by his mistress, Alice is visited by her nearly-blind brother and his friend Finch, a gangster. When Solange scolds the maid for letting them in, Finch takes charge and makes Solange change places with the maid and forces her into various sex games with himself, Jean and Alice.

* Brigitte Lahaie plays Baroness Solange
* Maude Carolle as Aude le Couer, plays Alice, the maid
* Micky Love as Mary de Gris, plays Une Autostoppeuse (a hitch-hiker)
* Susan Deloir plays Milena the mistress of the Baron

* R. Lounge plays Pierre, the baron
* Alban Ceray plays Finch
* Jacques Gateau, as J. Gato, plays Jean
* Guy Royer, uncredited, plays Dexter, the chauffeur
* Richard Bigotini, as R. Bigotini, plays Un Promeneur (man in the woods)

Video: Mpeg-2 Video, 4:3, PAL, 5475 Kbps
Audio: English, France: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L, R) ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg




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