L’Obsession De Laure (1996)

Obsession of Laure

Anita Blond plays the maid
Anita Dark plays a friend at the party
Laure Sainclair plays the teacher
Nadia Linden plays a patient
Nikita plays the doctor’s secretary
Victoria Queen plays the doctor’s wife


Christophe Clark plays the doctor
Francesco Malcom plays the doctor’s son
Andrew Youngman
Zolt Walton

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Nadia Linden, John Walton, Zoltan Kabai
  • Scene 2. Nadia Linden, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 3. Laure Sainclair
  • Scene 4. Vicca, John Walton
  • Scene 5. Laure Sainclair, Francesco Malcom
  • Scene 6. Anita Blond, Vicca, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 7. Laure Sainclair, Francesco Malcom
  • Scene 8. Laure Sainclair, John Walton
  • Scene 9. Nikita Gross, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 10. Anita Blond, Laure Sainclair
  • Scene 11. Laure Sainclair, Francesco Malcom
  • Scene 12. Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 13. Laure Sainclair, Andrew Youngman
  • Scene 14. Vicca, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 15. Laure Sainclair, Christoph Clark

Language: English (by default) / French / German / Spanish / Russian
Subtitles: Danish / Portuguese / Swedish



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