Teenage Step Mother (1975)


Teenage Stepmother (1975)

A wedding ceremony turns into an all-out fuck fest in this GVC classic. Sisters with strap-ons, mother-on-daughter lesbian action, even double penetrations highlight this seventies film. In the end, everyone in the family gets it on in indoor and outdoor orgies, with a wacky twist-ending!

* Darby Lloyd Rains
* Day Jason
* Heather Ellis
* Lynn Stevens [Facial]
* Sandy Fox (as Sandi Foxx)
* Jamie Gillis (as Jamey Gillis)
* Levi Richards (as John Ashton)
* Marc Stevens
* Eric Edwards (as Rob Everett)

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Darby Lloyd Rains, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens
* Scene 2. Heather Ellis
* Scene 3. Darby Lloyd Rains, Jamie Gillis
* Scene 4. Lynn Stevens, Sandy Fox
* Scene 5. Darby Lloyd Rains, Sandy Fox, Eric Edwards
* Scene 6. Day Jason, Jamie Gillis
* Scene 7. Lynn Stevens, Levi Richards
* Scene 8. Lynn Stevens, Sandy Fox, Levi Richards
* Scene 9. Darby Lloyd Rains, Day Jason, Heather Ellis, Sandy Fox, Jamie Gillis, Levi Richards, Marc Stevens
* Scene 10. Darby Lloyd Rains, Heather Ellis, Lynn Stevens, Sandy Fox, Jamie Gillis, Levi Richards, Marc Stevens, Eric Edwards





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