Love Notes (1989)


Cast: Jeanette Littledove, Rhonda Jo Petty, Seka, Nina DePonce, Jeanna Fine, Toni Renee, Joan Thomas, Darling Darla, Buck Adams, John Holmes, Jerry Davis, Charles Antony, John Colt, R.J. Reynolds, Scott Irish

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Jeanette Littledove, Buck Adams
  • Scene 2. Joan Thomas, Seka, John Holmes
  • Scene 3. Jeanette Littledove, Buck Adams
  • Scene 4. Darling Darla, Jerry Davis
  • Scene 5. Rhonda Jo Petty, Toni Alessandrini, Charles Antony, John Colt
  • Scene 6. girl, guy
  • Scene 7. Jeanette Littledove, Buck Adams
  • Scene 8. Nina DePonca, Scott Irish
  • Scene 9. Jeanette Littledove, Buck Adams
  • Scene 10. Jeanna Fine, Troy Tannier
  • Scene 11. Jeanette Littledove, Buck Adams


This is a combination of older clips combined with newer scenes featuring Jeanette Littledove and Buck Adams.
Scene 2 (Seka) is an edited version of SE 296 Improper Stranger.
Scenes 4-6 (Rhonda Jo Petty) are taken from Las Vegas Erotica (1983).
Scene 8 (Nina DePonca) is from Club Bed (1987).
Scene 10 (Jeanna Fine) is from Naughty Ninja Girls (1987).
R. J. Reynolds appears for four seconds in the opening credits only,
taken from SE 302 Miss Swedish Erotica of 1979.



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