Treasure Box (1985)

This is about as 80s as you can get with all the girls in bad hair dos. Treasure Box (1985) has only a couple John Holmes scenes, most of the action has other performers. Holmes is in a scene with Karen Summer and in a group sex scene for only a brief time. The hardcore action in all the scenes is ok but nothing special. A lot of the performers seem to be well on in their adult careers or on their way out. Unless you love the 80s, which I don?t, better off passing on this title.


Gina Carrera
Karen Summer (as Karren Summers) [Facial]
Kimberly Carson
Melanie Scott [Facial]
Tamara Longley [Facial]


Jesse Adams (as Jessie Adams)
John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
Tyler Reynolds (as Rusty Zipper)
Shone Taylor

Scene 1. Tamara Longley, Jesse Adams, Shone Taylor
Scene 2. Gina Carrera, Kimberly Carson
Scene 3. Gina Carrera, Shone Taylor
Scene 4. Kimberly Carson, Jesse Adams
Scene 5. Karen Summer, John Holmes
Scene 6. Melanie Scott, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 7. Gina Carrera, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 8. Melanie Scott, Shone Taylor
Scene 9. Karen Summer, Jesse Adams
Scene 10. Kimberly Carson, John Holmes





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