Meatball (1972)


Cast: Andrea True, Tina Russell, Lotta Semen, Hadda Climax, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens, Jason Russell, Les Hassel

Director: Gerard Damiano



2 thoughts on “Meatball (1972)”

    “The film is clearly based on old sci-fi/horror movies like Frankenstein. Harry Reems gives an eccentric but quality performance. The supporting actresses also put on equally over-the-top but decent performances. The best thing about the film is the humour; like Deep Throat the film features ridiculous but funny lines. The tacky props also add to the humour. The film looks cheap compared to Damianos other works like: The Devil in Miss Jones and Deep Throat. The film also appears to take place in one location. The cinematography is good featuring nice camera-work but it is conventional and lacks creativity. The sex scenes are good but only take place between three actors making variety limited; they all feature the positions you would expect without any ingenuity. I think Damiano was playing it safe with this film; not taking any risks with the sex scenes or any aspects of production.”

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