Betrayed teens (1975)

Year: 1974
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Drama, Whipping, Incest
Length: 0:57:20

Director: Shaun Costello as Gerard Damiano
Studio: Russ Carlson Productions

Starring: Shaun Costello (as Russ Carlson), Leo Lovemore (as David Joseph), Alan Marlow, Marlene Willoughby.

Teenage biker scum kidnap the busty 14yr. old daughter of a
pretentious New York couple. It’s actually a ploy by the wife
(Marlene Willoughby). The daughter and her slut friends take
revenge on mom and dad in an orgy of incestual cocksucking and
severe whipping. The highpoint occurs when Shaun Costello fucks
the daughter’s little ass.



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