Three Shades of Flesh (1977)

Helen Carrol
Leslie Alroe
Karen Baldwin
Suzy Chung
Spring Finlay

John Leslie

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. John Leslie, oriental
Scene 2. black_girl, John Leslie
Scene 3. black_girl, Spring Finlay
Scene 4. black_girl, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 5. guy, Spring Finlay
Scene 6. R.J. Reynolds, Spring Finlay
Scene 7. guy, oriental
Scene 8. black_girl, guy
Scene 9. black_girl, black_guy
Scene 10. John Seeman, Spring Finlay
Scene 11. black_girl, John Seeman
Scene 12. black_guy, Spring Finlay

two versions :
1. Sound: English with Dutch Sub-Titles
2. Sound: German only





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