Pleasure Palace (1979)

In one of his greatest roles, icon Eric Edwards plays an ex-cop turned opportunist criminal. With the help of his friend played R.Bolla, Edwards takes over a struggling massage parlor intending to turn it in to a money maker. An avalanche of money, prostitution and sex follows.
The always seductively gorgeous Serena is at her best playing the sexiest, horniest and top money making girl at the brothel, but when business gets nasty rival pimps go on the attack. A complicated web of deceit and deception unravels intoa shocking end!


Erica Havens [Facial]
Heather Young [NonSex]
Lisa Heyman
Serena [Facial]
Veri Knotty


Bobby Astyr
David Pierce [NonSex]
Eric Edwards
Jack Teague
Jamie Gillis
Joey Silvera
R. Bolla (as Richard Bolla)
Roger Caine [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Serena, R. Bolla
Scene 2. brun, Veri Knotty, guy
Scene 3. Lisa Heyman, Jack Teague, Joey Silvera
Scene 4. Erica Havens, Bobby Astyr
Scene 5. Serena, Jamie Gillis
Scene 6. Serena, R. Bolla
Scene 7. masked girl, guy



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