Telefantasy (1978)


Telefantasy (1978)


Angel Ducharme (as Angel)
Delania Raffino (as Barbara Bills)
K.C. Winters (as Casey Winters)
Christine DeShaffer (as Christine De Shaffer) [Facial]
Desiree Cousteau [BJOnly]
Francoise Ducharme
Lisa Sue Corey (as Lisa Sue Cory) [Facial]
Mimi Morgan

Blair Harris (as David Blair)
Don Fernando [BJOnly]
Geoff Reardon
John Leslie
Lou Behr [NonSex]
Richard Pacheco (as Marc Howard) [BJOnly]
Mike Ranger

Scene 1. K.C. Winters, Mike Ranger
Scene 2. K.C. Winters, Lisa Sue Corey, Mike Ranger
Scene 3. Angel Ducharme, Blair Harris, Delania Raffino, Francoise Ducharme, Geoff Reardon
Scene 4. Lisa Sue Corey, Mimi Morgan
Scene 5. Christine DeShaffer, Richard Pacheco
Scene 6. Christine DeShaffer, John Leslie
Scene 7. Desiree Cousteau, Don Fernando
Scene 8. Delania Raffino, John Leslie, Mimi Morgan

“With television station KCIZ at the bottom of the ratings, management brings in sultry Lorraine Peters (Mimi Morgan), who demands a little more sugar and spice in the evening news. What follows is a hilarious and heated tour of behind the scenes bodaciousness which involves staff, sponsors and crew. Things come to a head when the crew is sent out to get to the bottom of things at a local massage parlor — and are there ever some shapely bottoms to get to! John Leslie turns in one of his best performances as the smooth operating anchorman who keeps finding himself confronted with sexy young women willing to do anything and everything to make the headlines. Stay tuned to the tube for the evening nudes!”



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