Red Room and Other Places (1992)

Also Known As
Cecil Howard’s Red Room and Other Places



Abigail Clayton
Lady Liberty (as Ashley Liberty) [NonSex]
Candida Royalle
Christie Ford [Facial]
Jody Maxwell
Laurie Smith [NonSex]
Lysa Thatcher [MastOnly]
Morgane (as Marianne Flowers)
Marita Ekberg
Merle Michaels
Nina Hartley
Rikki Harte [NonSex]
Robin Sane (as Robin Storrs) [Facial]
Sharon Kane (as Sharon Kain)
Sharon Mitchell
Stacey Donovan
Tara Smith [BJOnly]
Tasha Voux
Valerie Martin’s [LezOnly]
Tina Marie (as Victoria Jackson)


Carter Stevens
Cecil Howard [NonSex]
Eric Edwards
Frank Serrone
George Payne
Jack Teague (as Jake Teague)
Jerry Butler [NonSex]
John Oury
Jose Duval (as Josey Duvall)
Marc Valentine (as Mario Valentino)
Michael Bruce
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Morgane, Valerie Martin’s, John Oury
Scene 2. Marita Ekberg, Tigr, Frank Serrone, Jose Duval
Scene 3. Jody Maxwell, Jack Teague
Scene 4. Lysa Thatcher
Scene 5. Merle Michaels, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 6. Merle Michaels, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Christie Ford, Marc Valentine
Scene 8. Robin Sane, Carter Stevens
Scene 9. Abigail Clayton, Candida Royalle, Tara Smith, Eric Edwards
Scene 10. Sharon Kane, Tina Marie, George Payne, Michael Bruce
Scene 11. Tasha Voux, Ron Jeremy
Scene 12. Nina Hartley, Paul Thomas
Scene 13. Stacey Donovan, Tom Byron




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