Sarah Young – Private Fantasies 11 (1992)

Director: Sascha Alexander
Series: Private Fantasies
Publisher: Moser Vision
Language: English

Cast: Sarah Young, Jonathan Morgan, TT. Boy, Jay, Paul, Tamara, Peter North, Anita Blond, Mike Foster, Valentino

Sarah didn’t have an appointment with the plumber-service as far as she knew. But now two workmen are at the front of the door. She naively lets them in, and they turn out to be veritable gangsters, out for money and not sink-repairs. This intrusion opens Sarah Young’s Private Fantasies 11, and she wouldn’t be our beloved girl if she didn’t use these bad guys as a prop for her latest fantasy. You will be at the edge of your seats with this enthusiastic sucking, licking and fucking drama. As the crooks are showering to refresh, two cops appear. Sarah feels her pussy pulsating again, and it doesn’t take long before Sarah is involved in some internal affairs with the police in the living-room. But can she do better? Of course she can! All four cocks, good and bad, are taken advantage of and the hot sperm trails on her face testify that everyone is satisfied!

Format: mkv
Size: 1.97 GB
Resolution: 720 x 576
Dur: 1:39:44 mins
Source: DVDRip





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