Down and Dirty Scooter Trash (1985)

Scooter Trash (1985)

Actresses: Barbie Dahl [Anal Facial], Baby Doe, Cookie Hooker, Karly Carlyn, Linda Jackov, Tasha Voux (as Lucky Greenhog) [Bald], Rhonda Jo Petty, Tank Top Smith

Actors: Buddy Hatton, Crazy Ace, David Christopher, Puttin’ Pete, Ron Jeremy, Tattoo Danny

scene breakdowns
* Scene 1. 3 guys, Barbie Dahl
* Scene 2. Baby Doe, guy
* Scene 3. Baby Doe, guy, Rhonda Jo Petty
* Scene 4. brun, David Christopher
* Scene 5. brun, guy
* Scene 6. blonde, guy
* Scene 7. David Christopher, guy, Rhonda Jo Petty
* Scene 8. 2 brun, Rhonda Jo Petty, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 9. 2 guys, Ron Jeremy, Tasha Voux
* Scene 10. blonde, David Christopher, Rhonda Jo Petty
* Scene 11. brun, guy, Rhonda Jo Petty
* Scene 12. Barbie Dahl, guy

Language: English



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