Sophie petite fille perverse (1978)

Cast (in credits order)

Cathy Stewart plays the daughter of the contess
Marie-Claude Viollet plays the contess
Gabriel Pontello plays Thierry Grandval
Morgane … (as Marianne Fournier)
Hervé Amalou plays Jean-Marc
Barbara Moose … (as Martine Lavielle) (as Martine Semo) plays Julianna
Piotr Stanislas … (as Piotr Zielinski) plays Ernest the servant
Morgane = Marianne Fournier plays Antonia
Max Montavon plays the boss
Sylvie Schmidt plays the dressed model

Following names are unknown pseudonyms :
Alexandra Trafalgar
Alda France
Jean-Michel Zielinsky (brother of Piotr ?)
Pénélope Ulysse
Lily d’Ukraine





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