Angelernt – Anal total (1991)


Actresses: Sinja Desiree (as Sinjy Desire), Tanja Vetell, Ela Star, Dagmar Lost
Actors: Vito Cassalo, Rudolf Rogers, a.o.

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 – Sinja Desiree Ela Star [lez, watersports]
Scene 2 – Dagmar Lost, Vito Cassalo, guy
Scene 3 – Tanja Vetell, Vito Cassalo
Scene 4 – Sinja Desiree , Rudolf Rogers
Scene 5 – Sinja Desiree Ela Star, Tanja Vetell [lez]
Scene 6 – Ela Star, guy
Scene 7 – Sinja Desiree, Tanja Vetell, Ela Star, Vito Cassalo, Rudolf Rogers, 2 guys (allstar f*ck-orgy)

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  1. @hysteria

    Yesterday we changed all filejoker links uploaded on 16,17,18 and 20 april, i download again this movie to check and no extracting errors

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