Taboo 2 (1982)

The story of seduction and perversity continues from the Scott family to the McBrides, where mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter enter the perverse world of pleasure. Still yearning for her son Paul, Barbara turns her attention to her younger son Jimmy. Jimmy discovers his mother’s affair with his older brother, and slowly his love for his mother turns to lust! Jealous of Jimmy’s girlfriend, Barbara begins the deliberate seduction of her younger son. Meanwhile, Joyce McBride, Barbara’s best friend and confidant, is secretly fulfilling her sexual desires with her own son.

Taboo 2 Description: “An instant hit! This sequel actually packs more of an erotic wallop than the original, including better production values and acting. It has everything — an all-star cast enhanced by numerous gorgeous new-comers, and enough thermal energy to create a veritable tidal wave of unbridled sensuality. It’s a true sequel, with Kay Parker and her mammoth breasts getting ample screen time, and that cute redhead Dorothy LeMay getting the Starring role. ‘Sinema’ at its finest. “Cecil B. DeMille had his biblical epics, John Ford has his westerns, and Mel Brooks his comic spoofs. In the world of adult porn, Kirdy Stevens has the market cornered on incest.” If your looking for erotic, sensual porn to watch over and over again and still be amazed at the scenes, this is the film for you.”


Tammy (as Bambi)
Cara Lott [Facial]
Crystal Dawn (as Crystal Down)
Dorothy Lemay (as Dorothy LeMay)
Honey Wilder
Brooke Bennett (as Joan Victoria)
Juliet Anderson (as Juliett Anderson)
Kay Parker [Facial]
Linda Shaw (as Lindsey Snow)
Rochelle Dean [NonSex]


Craig Roberts
David Cannon (as David Bates)
Edward Dean [NonSex]
Eric Edwards
Kevin James
Jeff Conrad (as Lee Cummings)
Rod Diamond
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Juliet Anderson, Kay Parker, Kevin James
Scene 2. Tammy, Kevin James
Scene 3. Honey Wilder, Eric Edwards
Scene 4. Tammy, Dorothy Lemay, Kevin James
Scene 5. Dorothy Lemay, Kevin James
Scene 6. Juliet Anderson, Rod Diamond
Scene 7. Dorothy Lemay, Kevin James
Scene 8. Honey Wilder, Kevin James
Scene 9. Tammy, Cara Lott, Crystal Dawn, Brooke Bennett, Juliet Anderson, Linda Shaw, Michelle, Craig Roberts, David Cannon, Kevin James, Jeff Conrad, Rod Diamond, Ron Jeremy
Scene 10. Dorothy Lemay, Kay Parker
Scene 11. Dorothy Lemay, Ron Jeremy
Scene 12. Dorothy Lemay, Eric Edwards
Scene 13. Honey Wilder, Eric Edwards



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