The Goddaughter (1972)

Actresses: Tracy Handfuss, Margot Devletian, Uschi Digard (as Uschi Digart), Diana Hardy, Kathy Hilton
Actors: John Paul Jones as Johnny Fagan, Bill Margold, Dimitri Roxoff, Con Covert, Gene Rowland, Chesley Noone, Kris Flanagan, Robin Stone, Bert Davis, Bob Silvani

scene breakdowns
Scene 1. Diana Hardy, Bill Margold
Scene 2. Margot Devletian, John Paul Jones
Scene 3. brunette, Dimitri Roxoff
Scene 4. Uschi Digart, Con Covert
Scene 5. Diana Hardy, Gene Rowland
Scene 6. Celeste Madison, Chesley Noone
Scene 7. Kathy Hilton, Kris Flanagan
Scene 8. Angel Horn, Chesley Noone
Scene 9. Diana Hardy, Robin Stone
Scene 10. Angel Horn, Kathy Hilton, Bill Margold
Scene 11. Becky Sharpe, Nancy Martin, Dimitri Roxoff
Scene 12. Diana Hardy, Bill Margold
Scene 13. Tracy Handfuss, Bert Davis
Scene 14. Angel Horn, Bert Davis
Scene 15. Uschi Digart, Bob Silvani
Scene 16. Kathy Hilton, Gene Rowland, Kris Flanagan
Scene 17. Margot Devletian, Tracy Handfuss

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